College Education

Bloomsburg State University

York College

Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic c/o:Sherman Chiropractic College

Postgraduate Education

Motion Palpation Seminar (12 hours)
Pierce-Stillwagon Technique Seminar (24 hours)
Cox Technique Seminar (33 hours)
Physical Therapeutics Seminars (120 hours)
Diplomate in Chiropractic Neurology (600 hours)
Neurology Grand Rounds (30 Hours) - Oslo, Norway 2003
Chiropractic Sports Injury (72 hours)
ACCN Manipulation Technique (12 hours)
ACCN Neurological Examination Seminar (24 hours)
ACCN Neurological Brain Dissection (12 hours)
Certified Independent Medical Examination Class (72 hours)
Chiropractic Use of Somato-Sensory Evoked Potential Testing (30 Hours)
Validating Chiropractic (60 Hours)
Soft Tissue Injury (45 Hours)
Subluxation Complex: Neurological & Nutritional Considerations (12 Hours)
Whiplash, Spinal Trauma & Soft Tissue Injury (120 Hours)
Radiology/MRI Classes (20 Hours)
Articular Neurology & Type ‘O’ Disorders (10 Hours)
Occupational Safety (12 Hours)
Red Cross Instructor Course
Red Cross “Protect Your Back” Program
Rehab-CRA Class on EMG (12.5 Hours)
Biomechanics & Low-Tech Rehabilitation (4 Hours)
Practical Nutrition A to Z (17 Hours)
Neck Pain, Whiplash & Associated Disorders (4 Hours)
Upper & Lower Extremity Injuries (4 Hours)
Lower Back Biomechanics in Golf (13.5 Hours)
Torque Release Technique (15 Hours)
Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD, Learning Disabilities and Behavioral Disorders (45 Hours)

Postgraduate Teaching

Life Chiropractic College West
Select Success Seminars (Instructor)
Whiplash, Spinal Trauma & Soft Tissue Injury
-Portland, OR July 13, 1996 (7 Hrs) 60
-Chicago, IL July 20, 1996 (7 Hrs) 55
-Boston, MA July 27, 1996 (7 Hrs) 35


American Board Chiropractic Neurology Associate Examiner
ABCN Test Committee Chairman 2002-2007

ABCN Associate Testing Examiner:
2006-Austin, TX & Houston TX
2005-Stuart, FL
2004-Orlando, FL
2003-Orlando, FL
2002-Orlando, FL
2002-Philadelphia, PA
2000-San Diego, CA
1999-Kansas City, MO
1998-San Diego, CA
1997-San Jose, CA
1996-Key West, FL
1995-Key West, FL

CAGEN (Commission on Accreditation of Graduate Education in Neurology)
-Chairman 2003-2007

National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
-Part 4 Test Committee 2005 & 2006


Pennsylvania Chiropractic Federation
Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association
Board Member Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association (District 4) -1996-2000 & 2004-2007
American Chiropractic Neurology Board
American Chiropractic Association
ACA Council on Chiropractic Neurology
Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research (FCER)

Presented Papers

Effects of Manipulation on Neuromuscular Organs,
presented at Neurology Diplomate Examination - April 1992

Case Studies: Use of Cybex® Isokinetic testing and variable resistance exercises along with chiropractic care in the rehabilitation of low back patient - September 1993