Chiropractic Neurology

Chiropractic Neurology is the clinical intervention utilizing functional neurology. Functional neurology emphasizes the nervous system as being the modulator of human expression and experience.

Testing, examining, and observing the nervous system in the office, provides insight into the health and output of the different parts of the nervous system.

The nervous system is made up of the brain, brain stem, spinal cord, autonomic nervous system, peripheral nerves and receptors.

The original concepts of this approach to treatment were developed by my friend and mentor Professor Frederick Carrick, of the Carrick Institute for Professional Studies in Florida.

A complete and thorough physical examination is done to differentiate areas of the nervous system function. We strive to get a complete understand of your system to later gauge the effectiveness of our treatments.

Mild alterations in nervous system function can result in dysfunction of the whole system. These dysfunctions can appear as learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, emotional disorders, autonomic dysfunction and complex pain syndromes.

It is also becoming apparent in recent years that the functional state of the nervous system and the function of the immune system are closely interconnected, and states of nervous system imbalance can result in immune system dysfunction.

Correcting functional neurological imbalances requires an extensive knowledge of neuroanatomy and neurophysiology in an attempt to understand the functional level of a patients nervous system and to provide a appropriate treatment.

To obtain a Chiropractic Neurology diplomate status a chiropractor must complete 300 hours of class time over a minimum 3 years of study and pass an intense 3 day test comprised of writing questions, drawings and a video taped practical.